Monday, February 27, 2012

Darkly Dramatic

Steven Gambrel

Dark rooms seem to be all the rage now.  Personally I like living in spaces with lots of natural light.  But these dark rooms have a lot of drama and glamor, I can definitely see the attraction.  Add a pop of intense color, like with the peonies below, or a shimmery ceiling like the butler's pantry below, and these spaces really sing.

The projects above are by Kara Mann 

The photos above are of a project by Andrew Skurman in San Francisco.  So many things to love about this project!   The silver ceilings, the feather chandeliers, the pops of bold color, the continuous drapes, the mix of modern and traditional elements.  So glamorous!

The photos above are of a project by Steven Gambrel, who does a very fine job creating  beautiful dramatic rooms with a palette of dark neutrals.



  1. Stephen Gambral may be a decorator, but his work is highly architectural which is what supplies it with distinction~don't you think?

  2. Absolutely. He is thinking/designing in a very holistic way...the spaces he creates and the architectural details he uses have just as much to do with creating the look as the furnishings and fabrics. Interestingly, Andrew Skurman, whose work is shown above, is also an architect. I think his rooms also have a very complete look.

  3. great images!! really like it :)) just came across your blog..really nice

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  4. Thanks fashionista! will check out your perfume giveaway.

  5. These are beautiful! And surprisingly don`t feel as dark as you would expect, it`s the play on light. Now I know Steve Gambrel and Kara Mann, they have made the cut on my blog, but not so familiar with Andrew Skurman. I must go inspect!

    Hope you are having a great Saturday!