Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Grand Entrance

There is something so elegant about a classic black and white checked flooring for an entry foyer.  The pattern really has to be set at a diagonal to look right.  I think it's because a foyer is not a place of stasis.  Rather it is a space to pass through. I think if you were to lay the tiles in a square configuration, the floor would seem too static for this type of space.

  I also love an entry with plants...maybe because it's a transitional space, it feels like it should have a bit of the outside in.  I don't do a lot of these kind of entrances... they are a bit more formal than most of my clients seem to want, but I really do like the look.  And when you add a plant or two, it's timeless.


Richard Gillette Canadian House and Home

Brook Giannetti

Katherine Newman AD

Andrew Skurman

Suzanne Kasler 


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    1. Thanks Seema, I'll edit the post to include the link.