Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Beat the Heat

Much of the country is currently experiencing a prolonged heat wave.  I can't think of a better way to cool off and chill out than to take a plunge in a lovely, cool pool.  Below are some examples that seem especially inviting to me right now.


 Elle Decor

 Four Seasons, Maldives

Greg Shano





 AD France

 Perry Guillot

Suzanne Kasler

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hoodwinked: Fabulous Kitchen Hoods

Below are some of our favorite kitchen exhaust hoods.  We designed a few of them, and have been inspired by the others.

Huestis Tucker Architects
We wanted to design something akin to the English style mantel hood, but we wanted to soften it a bit with an arch.  The back splash is a combination of tile and stone slab and echoes the arch.  The sides of the mantel are full depth to accommodate pull out spice drawers.

 I really like this zink hood. The small X details keep it from looking too rustic.

 Brook Giannetti 
The mouldings are perfetctly detailed on this mantle hood.  Love it!

 Brook Giannetti
 Another pretty zink hood.

And another...I guess I like the zink.

 Ferguson Shamamian and Victoria Hagan
I love the classic wooden hood cover.
Love the shape of this hood.  I wonder if it's made of wood or stucco.

 House Beautiful
Interesting trellis cover above a mantel.
 Huestis Tucker Architects with Amy State
Our version of the metal hood, though we designed this one with a slight curve.

 Huestis Tucker Architects with Kara Mann
We did this really cool looking hood covered in sheet rock.  I love how clean and crisp it is.  The real interest lies in the sliding marble slabs which reveal hidden storage shelves.
 Huestis Tucker Architects
This is another one of our office favorites.  The wooden arches were milled from trees on the site.  The backsplash is made of thin porcelain slabs made which look like Calcutta Gold marble.
 Huestis Tucker Architects
Simple understated stainless steel box covers the fan.

 Jean Allsopp
Pretty panels with herringbone patterned backsplash.

 Spencer Churchill Designs
Classic English
Stephen Sutro and Heather Hilliard
 This one is so cool.  Faux leather panels on stainless steel. Ingenious!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Manor of the Month, Ffynone

If you've been dreaming of living in an English manor house, this might be your big opportunity.
Grade I listed Ffynone in Pembrokeshire, southwest Wales is advertised for sale by Savills for a mere 1,750,00 English pounds, or roughly $2,320,000.  Ffynone was designed by the architect John Nash, who is best known for his terrace designs in Regent's Park in London. The extensive gardens and landscaping were designed by Inigo Thomas. The property is a little over 34 acres and includes several apartments, stables, and a greenhouse.  Sounds perfect to me!!  Check out the full details on Savills website.


Any takers?