Monday, September 24, 2012

Hedge Fun

Edward Kinsella

Tall clipped privet hedges are synonymous with places like the Hamptons and Nantucket.  Their dense foliage and vigorous growth pattern means you can create a sense of privacy on a small peice of property.  I think it's sort of a friendly way to keep curious eyes out.  I personally like to see them cut into tall straight hedges like the image above, or forming an arched gateway as in the image below.
I'm realizing just how much work is involved in keeping these type of hedges looking neat and clean.  I have read that you have to trim them 3 times a year. I believe it! My family and I were trimming ours for the second time this summer...just to keep them from growing out of control. 

 This Old House

 Schapper White

The Inspired Room

 Boxwood also makes a really nice hedge, though usually smaller than privet.  I like this the layering of shapes and textures of the boxwood hedge in front of the hydrangea.  I think the boxwood hedge doesn't require quite as much work as the privet.

 Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens

 Better Homes and Gardens

 Claus Dalby

 Deborah Nevins

 Douglas Friedman

Garden Design
 Garden Design

 Habitually Chic



This Old House
 Traditional Home



Friday, September 21, 2012

Aga Love

Susan Tulley

I've always wanted to design a kitchen, or maybe a whole house around an Aga stove.  It would be a little country cottage in Scotland or Ireland, a place where there is a bit of chill in the air all year long, and of course, a view of the sea. The kitchen would be the "main" room of the house, the place where you cook, eat, read, relax, socialize.  And the Aga would keep it cozy and warm.

They come in lots of amazing colors, the lavender is pretty tempting, but I think I'll take the cream colored Aga and pair it with some grey-blue cabinets, like the kitchen above.  Which one would you want?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Style Trend: Herringbone and chevrons

Anne Hepfer House & Home 

I'm seeing a ton of herringbone and chevron patterns lately; in the kitchen, in the bath, and of course on the floor.   I like this mini herringbone above and the simple white tile below.  Both make a great neutral background for more decorative items.

 This stone tile herringbone as a more modern, edgier look.

 Love the look of this mini herringbone.

 This glamorous bathroom has a beautiful chevron tile floor.  The stripe in the stone gives an added punch to the pattern.  So pretty!

Jeff Lewis HGTV

Jeff Lewis HGTV


Love this glamorous bathroom with the chevron floor and the blue lacquered walls...not to mention the curved marble panels.  Wow. 

 I love the look of herringbone brick floor for a the border adds a little extra refinement.

Furguson Shamamian
This gorgeous room has all the elements I love, lots of glass, plants, paneling, beaded board ceiling, great light fixtures and last but not least, the herringbone brick floor.

The antique brick floor is so pretty.