Friday, October 26, 2012

Lovely Laundry Rooms

Huestis Tucker Architects

 What was the old nursery rhyme that declared Monday to be laundry day? Can you imagine doing laundry only one day a week?  Most people I know do laundry every day.  Because so many of us are spending so much time in the laundry room, we want our surroundings to be as nice as possible.  Most of my clients are no longer content to have their laundries located in a dark, dusty corner of the basement.  They are bringing their laundries closer to the bedroom area, the kitchen, or the mudroom. 
I'm a fan of locating the laundry near the mudroom....where is your ideal laundry spot?

Giannetti Architects

Many people are putting a counter across the tops of the washer and dryer, creating a working surface to fold laundry or set baskets.  The height of counter ends up being a little higher than normal, but I think this is a great feature. 

 Giannetti Architects

A pretty farmhouse sink, marble countertops and an island dress up this utilitarian space.

 Canadian House & Home

The long slim cabinet pulls give this laundry room a nice modern look.  I also like the washer hidden behind the cabinet door.

 Leslie Sachs
This laundry rooms seems to be doubling as a butler's pantry.  Love the look, but I might have tried to find a way to use different appliances in order to have a continuous countertop.

Peter Zimmerman

The reclaimed wood floor and oversized laundry table give this laundry room an old-world feel


These open shelves give this laundry area a casual cottagy feel
 SM Contracting

This looks like a laundry room doubling as a mudroom space or a dressing room...not sure which, but I like the clean lines and the small bench.

 Tim Barber

Another feature that seems to be popular is a hanging pole over the washer/dryer.

 Henhurst Interiors

 via case de valentina

This is a super efficient laundry, the metal tiles add a touch of glamor.

 via decor pad

 This pretty wallpaper dresses this laundry room up nicely.


I like this laundry potting room combination.  The addition of a table makes a nice workspace for either activity.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bringing the garden inside: great conservatories and greenhouses

Photo by Simon Upton for Elle Decor

It's time to bring the plants inside! Imagine what a rewarding task it would be if you had a lovely greenhouse or conservatory to house your plants over winter.  This fabulous greenhouse has a turn-of-the-century feel with the perfect mix of greenery, sculpture and furniture.

This conservatory has the classic English look, combining arched windows and classical detailing. It's as pretty on the outside as I imagine it is on the inside.

I adore this kitchen conservatory, love all of the glass, the paneled ceiling and the wide plank wood floor...just perfect!

Love the gorgeous vaulted walls, and the patterned stone floor.

Love the green trim of this conservatory.


This is less of a conservatory than sunroom but the many plants, bird cages and stone floor give it the feel of a conservatory.
I think this is a great example of a modern interpretation of a greenhouse.  Beautiful clean lines and simple shapes.
What a fantastic site! Also love the pretty.


Pretty and classic


I like these unique gothic windows,and that they are painted black rather than white.  I also like the frieze at the roof line.

Simply stunning.  Why is that something in a ruined or semi ruined state is more intriuging than something which is perfect?  I'm always drawn to building which feel like they've had a past.


Here a beautiful garden enlivens a simple greenhouse.

Love this orangerie.
Love this Conservatory which is being used as a family room.


This pretty freestanding greenhouse has simple modern lines and black painted mullions.

 Erpicum & Partners

I love this super modern, clean lined conservatory.  So cool!

 Winterthur via Tone on Tone

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Powdery Pink, Guest Post by Joanna from Arcadian Lighting

Hello, Joanna here! I’m excited to be guest posting on The Designer’s Muse today. I write for Arcadian Lighting, an excellent source of lighting fixtures for every room of the house. I adore pink decor, so I pulled together some of my favorite powdery pink rooms to share with you. Hope you enjoy!

Interior Design Living Room Home Decor
The most subtle of pinks covers the walls and ceiling of this traditional living room while the most of the furnishings are covered in a rich chocolate hue.

Interior Design Living Room Home Decor
This lovely pink room features a formal ceiling treatment. The wooden floors and muted palette add a more casual touch to the space.

A beach cottage is awash in powdery pink. The yellow sofa and floral chairs give the space a summery feel.

Interior Design Living Room Home Decor Pink
This gorgeous dining room boasts an eclectic mix of furniture, fixtures and accessories. The city wall artwork is especially intriguing.

Interior Design Office Space Home Decor Pink
A clever office is set up in a pink painted closet. The color is pulled through into the room by a throw pillow and the window treatments. Several light fixtures provide plenty of task lighting.

Interior Design Dining Room Pink Home Decor
The pink in this space is introduced at the windows and on the flooring—both give the room a soft whispery glow. I love the minimalist furnishings paired with the ornate fireplace surround and ceiling treatment.

Interior Design Bathroom Home Decor
What’s not to love about this beautiful bathroom? From the soft pink walls to the marble counter top to the Venetian mirror all its elements are quite luxurious.

Interior Design Home Decor Sitting Room
This glamorous dining room gets its touch of pink from the walls and upholstered traditional chairs.  The space includes many ornate accessories like the  glamorous chandelier and vases. Images  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Powdery Pink Palettes allow you to use pink in almost any space without it becoming overpowering. Which powdery pink room is your favorite? Comment below and make sure to check out all of our amazing chandeliers at Arcadian Lighting.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Golden Rule

Citified blog 

I'm usually more of a silver girl, but lately I've been seeing a design trend towards using lots of gold and bronze.  Thanks to these beautiful designs, I'm rethinking my position on gold, and becoming a big fan.  In a minimalist modern space, a pop of gold is a nice surprise.  In a more traditional space, a gilded mirror a brass chandelier is more expected and still beautiful.


Apartment therapy

Architectural Digest

Sorry, couldn't help myself...I love the gold cakes!

Caroline George blog

Elle Decor
This kitchen is simply the cabs and the marble slabs.  Perfection!

House Beautiful

Cote de Texas blog

Delight by design blog

Elle Decor


Nikolas Koenig Photographer
Restart it blog

Architectural Digest

The field journal