Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Darryl Carter's new color line

 Dogue Gray DC06

 I was just reading an article in the latest issue of Veranda Magazine of a home by the famed decorator, Darryl Carter.  It's a stunning project...lots of whites and soft, subtle colors.  And it turns out that Darryl Carter has teamed up with Benjamin Moore to create his own line of paint colors.  Most of the rooms are painted in these fabulous new colors. Darryl Carter colors by Benjamin Moore DC01 thru DC24 can be found here. Below are a few of my very favorite. I've always dreamed of creating a line of paint colors.  Maybe one day we'll see a JH01 LOL.  Actually I can't wait to specify some of these colors...they're just gorgeous!

Bancroft White DC01

Crestridge White DC04

Bonafant White DC03

Ashmead Gray DC08

Willard White DC09

 Dalton Blue DC12

 Ellsworth Khaki DC14

 Tennyson White DC17

 Falls White DC18

Phelps Black DC22

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Formal Garden in Connecticut

This pretty, formal garden was created by Glenn Hillman, a young garden designer for his family home in Litchfield Connecticut. The garden has an historic quality that melds seamlessly with the very traditional Colonial home.  All photos from Traditional Home. The fenced herb garden is laid out in a formal pattern with brick walkways.  Further away from the house the garden beds become a little less formal.  The garden makes great use of architectural elements such as urns, walkways, fences, stone walls and an armillary.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pretty Porches

This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. It's finally time to start living and entertaining more outside than in. Porches are wonderful in-between spaces, connecting the outdoors with the inside of a home.  The best porches have a mix of outdoor elements such as plants, and indoor elements such as rugs, drapes, and beautiful furniture, and fireplaces.  Here's a sampling of some fabulous porches.

 Gil Schafer

Happy Long weekend!  And here's to a great summer of outdoor living.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

English Garden Moment

I've been working on my gardens for a while now...trying to coax them into feeling like an English garden.  And overall I am nowhere near this goal.  However when I returned from a week-long trip I found there were two small moments in my garden where everything seemed just right.  The light pink peony is in bloom next to the Siberian iris.  And in another section the rhododendron in bloom against a background of textures. Yeah!