Thursday, February 2, 2012

Serenity Now

While looking at an old At Home magazine, I came across this beach house in Westport, Ct. It's calm interiors hit the spot for me today.  The house was designed by Brooke Girty for Wende Cohen, who is the owner of Bungalow, a home furnishings store in Westport.

 A couple of the features which make this project remarkable to me, are the reclaimed French oak floors, which are most likely waxed rather than polyurethaned.  The boards are laid in a herringbone pattern in some of the rooms; the texture of the unfinished boards, together with the pattern, give this new house an antique look.   The other feature I really like is the super high gloss white paint on the ceilings.  The color was custom mixed on location by Donald Kaufman.  The owner said the white actually has a lot of pink in interesting.  The soft grays and whites of the interior allows the color of the sea and sky to be the accent color in every room.

Photos by Stacy Bass

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