Monday, January 9, 2012

The Pink House

Drawing on the same theme...  Looking at the work of  Legoretta and Barragan I am reminded of the Spear Residence, also called The Pink House, which was designed by the firm Arquitectonica for  Laurinda Spear's (one of the principals of the firm) parents.  I believe the house was built around 1978. The house is located on the water in Miami Shores, Florida.  The house is painted 5 different shades of pink.  The street side is a dark pink wall with some sculptural cutouts which provides a privacy wall for the pool beyond.  The ocean side is much lighter shade of pink and resembles an ocean liner.  In between are layers of walls that have a varying degree of  transparency.  A friend of mine took me on a tour through the house while I was in architecture school in the late 80's.  I remember being very impressed with the deliberate and sophisticated architectural organization and design.  Looking at it all these years later, I still like it very much.  I never really thought of it then, but now it's obvious how much an influence Barragan and Legoretta's work had on this project.

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