Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lily Pond Lane

In the 1990's Martha Stewart purchased and renovated this house on Lily Pond Lane in the Hamptons.  Most of these photos were published in 1996  in her book called "How to Decorate".  I used some of the photos as inspiration for the first couple of projects I designed, and now more than 16 years later, I find I am still quite fond of this house and of her old decorating style.  I find the scale of this house and the rooms within, to be so much more appealing than the giant suburban monster houses people have been building during the past few decades. Those McMansions, no matter how filled with mouldings and paneling, still lack the charm and intimacy of this house.  The interiors are not as modern and cool looking as some of the more popular styles of today...but I still love the casual, cottagy feel of this house.

 photos from Martha Stewart Living

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  1. How gorgeous! Hamptons homes are always so classic.