Thursday, January 19, 2012

Whales Tails

photo by Tomas Svab, Vancouver Art Gallery

A friend of ours does lighting design and art installations for various art museums and galleries.  During a holiday party, he described this amazing sculpture he installed.  It's a giant whale skeleton made out of plastic chairs by Brian Jungen of the Dunne-za nation.  It's called Cetology 2002. Isn't it cool?  It's currently on display at the Peabody Essex Museum  in a show called "Shapeshifters", artwork by contemporary Native American Artists.  I understand it was extremely difficult to install correctly, but the actual sculpture interests me even more. I love how ingeniously he is able to turn junk into beautiful objects.  Check out this article in the Smithsonian about the artist.  Also see more of his interesting sculptures below.

The next couple of pieces are made of sports equipment and clothing...interesting idea to turn mass culture sports paraphernalia into traditional Native American objects of worship.  My nephew, who is living with us for the year, is completely obsessed with professional sports and it's I get this.  Can't wait to show him these sculptures.

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