Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easy Living with Art

Patricia Herrera Lansing's apartment in Little Italy was recently published in Vogue. She is the daughter of famed fashion designer Carolina Herrera.  Patricia and her husband, Garrity have created a family friendly, comfortable apartment with bold art, in a style that keeps things feeling like home rather than a museum. I love the big red sofas and the very pale pink walls...great background for the art... and not at all stuffy or static.

Love the animal fur throw..hope it's Faux! mixed with the arts and crafts pillows.

Great mix of casual furniture with a very ornate frame.  Not a fan of the snake though.

 Again, the pale walls add a little something more than if they were white...but still let the art be the focal point.

 Fantastic blue walls and a really long window seat...great place to lounge and think!

 Pretty pale sea foam tranquil.

 Love this composition of family photos, and the big chalk board below.

All photos by Claiborne Swanson Frank for Vogue Magazine


  1. These rooms are filled with art and history. Just gorgeous.
    Is that not the most beautiful red?

    1. Thanks for stopping by Teresa. I do love that's so vibrant.