Monday, April 23, 2012

English Garden in the Hamptons

I came across this beautiful garden last week in Traditional Home.  I worked my tail feathers off this weekend on my own garden, but the results don't even compare to the perfection of this English-style garden created by Jane Lappin and Arlene Gould of Wainscott Farms in Wainscott, NY.  I'm pretty sure you have to have lots and lots of hired help to get these results; ah, but one can dream! For me, this garden has the perfect mix of manicured structure and naturalization of plantings.  Also I love the color scheme! 

 The guest cottage is adorable!  The main house must be something fabulous, but I could be very happy in this cottage!

 Nothing says deep summer like dahlias.  They are not a perennial in this climate, but did you know you can dig them up and save them in your basement over the winter?

 New Dawn of my top ten plants for the garden.

 I would really love to see a plan of this garden to get a better sense of where the formal gardens are in relation to the house and to the more naturalized perennial beds.  Apparently the property is 17 acres....that's a lot of garden to maintain!

Jane Goodman the owner with Jane Lappin, the designer.

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  1. Stunning!!
    I believe that I had rather have the guest cottage. I have had my share of square footage to take care of.
    Thank you for sharing. These gardens are breathtaking.
    Happy Monday.