Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To Beam or not to Beam

 Huestis Tucker Architects

Several years ago when we designed the Family Room above, knowing that we wanted a high cathedral ceiling, we looked at lots of images of rooms with and without beams.  In the end we decided on attached beams.  Currently we are in the midst of designing another family room with high ceilings.  So we're going back to some of the images we looked at previously and some new images to determine what's best for this  situation.  Although I really like the rooms below with rustic wood beams, I think this house calls for a simpler, cleaner look. What's your favorite look?

Huestis Tucker Architects

Anderson Studio of Architecture and Design

 Crisp Architects

 Garrison Hullinger

 James Traynor

Austin Patterson Disston


  1. Definitely No. 9. Your photo is no. 1.

  2. My dream was to build a log cabin. Talk about beams. My contractor was appalled when I told him to use those timbers as they were. The cabin is 75 feet long and 24 feet wide and every inch of it came off the place. We thinned out about 200 logs. The walls are horizontal logs, some of them 18 inches in diameter. I love the look both inside and outside. It gives the sense of strength. Being able to see what is holding up the roof is beautiful and as the logs age I believe it will get even more beautiful. Beams? The more the merrier. Ann

  3. I live in France (from the Midwest). I dread beams since we don't have the cathedral ceilings common to larger homes like in the USA. Beams are old and dark and really are support beams. They make the low ceilings even lower.

    We are in the process of finding a new home right now and I let the real estate agents know that I'm immune to French rustic charm.

    Americans haven't an idea how cramped a normal house is in France. Currently we have 1100 square feet and thankfully no beams to further shrink that space. But I have to admit, the beams you feature here really have dramatic impact on the decor.

  4. Thanks for your interesting comments Jana. Good luck on your new home.

  5. It’s really up to you. What look do you want to give the other family room? If you want it simple and spacious, then you should probably ditch the beams. On the other hand, the beams do add to the classy look of the room. As for the beams themselves, I think I would go with the 2nd or 3rd one.

    Leeanne Dyson