Monday, February 4, 2013

Manor of the Month: Lyons Demesne County Kildare Ireland

Have you got a spare $65 million?  If so you might want to consider buying this beautiful Georgian Manor House in County Kildare, Ireland.  It was commissioned in 1785 by Lord Cloncurry.  The estate was purchase in 1996 and meticulously restored by Dr.Tony Ryan, owner of the discount airline Ryanair.  It is rumored that Dr. Ryan spent around $120 million on the restoration project.  Dr. Ryan passed away in 2007 and it seems that the estate has been on and off the market for quite some time.  It is currently listed by Christies with about 300 acres of land.  But it was also listed by Christies in 2010 with 600 acres of land.  I'm guessing the other 300 acres has been sold sad.  Enjoy the photos, I know I did.



  1. Lyons was rather wonderful under Tony's tenure although more for the totality of effect he created than due to any one feature (having written that, there are some beautiful Claudean wall paintings by Gabrielli from the early 19th century).
    Greetings from a snowy Ireland.
    The Irish Aesthete

  2. Irish Aesthete, Thanks for your comment. The effect must have been beautiful indeed. Hopefully it will be purchased by someone equally caring. Ireland must be beautiful with snow. Is that rare?

  3. Not rare enough for some of us! Actually it was very beautiful this morning, but has since turned into rather a mess. There may be more tonight.
    Lyons has been for sale for several years, along with a number of other important houses (see my blog entry on Bellamont Forest in, the problem being nobody has the money at the moment, and meanwhile these properties deteriorate. A concern for all of us involved in the architectural heritage movement.

    1. Thanks so much...I share your concern. I look forward to reading your blog!