Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY: 5 Great "do-it-yourself" decorating projects

5 Great Home Decoration Tutorials
The trouble with looking for ideas for home decoration is, once you start browsing through blogs, or leafing through home décor magazines, you can’t stop. People are amazingly creative and there are just so many ideas that you want to steal. But, of course, you can’t apply everything you see in your home. You have to decide what matches your home’s style. 

So, let’s cover five simple decoration ideas today. You are allowed to modify each of them to suit your needs.

Easy vintage table design

Vintage furniture is very popular nowadays, so it’s fortunate that anyone with some craftsmanship skills, creativity and enthusiasm can make it. You’ll need an old wooden table you want to transform, paint stripper gel, stripping knife, sanding tool and spray paint.

1) Remove the table’s original paint using stripper gel and stripping knife. You might want to wait a few hours upon gel application, so that it penetrates the paint completely.
2) When the paint has been removed, sand off the table to make it smooth.
3) Clean it using wet cloth.
4) Spray paint the table with white paint. Let it dry, then apply another layer.
5) When the paint is dry, sand off the top surface so that the wood shows through. You can do it completely, as in the picture, or just a little, so that we’ll only see glimpses of the first layer.

Lampshade makeover from scratch

If you’re not happy with your ordinary white lamp, you don’t need to spend money buying a new one. You can simply “dress it up”. You’ll need a new piece of fabric (you can use an old dress, bed sheets, or any cheap fabric from a thrift store), black marker, fabric glue and scissors.

1) Remove the lampshade from the lamp stand and put it on the fabric you are planning to use.
2) Align one side of the lamp’s edges with one side of the fabric, and use a black sharpie to mark the line of the other side. That’s where you will cut the fabric to match the lampshade’s size.
3) Use fabric glue to stick the fabric to the lampshade.
4) Use scissors to cut any fabric sticking over the lamp’s edges.

Artsy living room decoration
The following tutorial is image-based and very straightforward. You can use it to create beautiful living room or bedroom paintings:

Animate your garden with unusual flower arrangements

If you plan to entertain guests in your garden, these exquisite, unusual details will definitely charm them all.

Simply gather a few old light bulbs, make an opening on one side, as in the photo, and pick flowers tiny enough to be able to fit inside the light bulb vase.

Vintage photo frame and a Photoshoped picture

1) Buy an ordinary wooden photo frame in a thrift shop
2) Spray the frame with primer
3) After the primer has dried, spray the frame with white paint
4) Then, spray it with another colour (for example, black)
5) Finally, sand off random spots on the frame using sandpaper, so that the white paint shows through
6) Of course, you can use any other colours instead of white and black

7) Choose a photo, and put it through appropriate filters in Photoshop or any other program you like for editing photos
8) Place the photo inside your vintage frame, and you’re all done!

Hopefully these short tutorials will help you brighten up your home!
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  1. I like the idea of white, cream or light pastel walls and ceiling, leaving the splashes of colour and pattern to bed spreads, cushions, rugs and decorative art objects. So the flashy light shade makeover is very appealing. And simple to achieve.