Monday, February 18, 2013

Edinburgh Entries: Doorways of Georgian New Town

 While I was in Scotland last year I spent an afternoon in the Georgian section of Edinburgh.  While I appreciate the Medieval "old town" section of Edinburgh, I particularly love the Georgian architecture of New Town.  There blocks of gorgeous cut limestone buildings which are decorated  with classical detailing and accented with small pops of color.  Unlike our tradition of front porches, most of these buildings have little interior vestibules.  Fan lights and sidelights add a sense of decoration and offer a way to bring light into the space without sacrificing privacy.  Below were some of my favorite.


  1. Although I like the fanlights of the first few pictures, I would say my favorite one is the brown-stained door, simply because it looks like I’m entering an old victorian bookstore when I look at it. Or is that an actual door for a bookstore? :)

    As for the fanlights themselves, I think I’d pick the second one, just because of it’s intricate design. Would definitely like a closer look on that one.

    Maricela Milum

  2. The white squared doorway somehow reminds me of several clothing stores that I’ve been to. And it looks like it has an outer double door or gate (can’t really see much of it through the picture). The red flooring provides an excellent contrast to it, what with most of it being white.

    Sol Hendricks