Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Today is Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated on the 26th of December, the day after Christmas. In Britain it was the custom for "tradesmen" to collect their boxes; money or gifts from their employers on this day.

We Americans don't celebrate this holiday, but I'd like to imagine that Boxing Day is a day for putting all of the boxes and trappings of Christmas away.  For me the day after Christmas seems like the right time to start organizing and purging to plan for the new start in the new year. Therefore  I'm looking toward ways to organize my home and my office.  Here are some of my favorite images of organizing the home from Pinterest

 Peg board with a vibrant color is an updated version of an old time way of organizing this craft room.

  A unified color scheme keeps this bathroom feeling clean, fresh and organized.

 Colorful tea cups is a fun way to organized jewelry in a jewelry drawer...the jewels are color coded to match the tea cups.

Pegboard in a color keeps this garage by Martha Stewart looking fantastic.
  Great use of pull out drawers...if you don't have a designated craft room, this would be great in a kitchen, laundry, or a mudroom.

 Although I'm usually not a huge fan of plastic organizers....I like the way this cabinet is organized to hold paperwork, school supplies etc. This seems like a great way to reign in the daily chaos of having school age children.

 These are baby food jars with chalk board painted this green solution!

 Beautifully folded shirts and sweaters are kept organized by wood brackets...One of these days I'm going to learn how to fold shirts so they look like these.

 I like this idea for organizing paperwork and bills...though I would like to have these behind doors so I don't have to look at them.

 Nicely done linen closet...this person fit quite a lot in a little space.

 A colorful craft room is kept organized by a mix of baskets, notebooks, and magazine holders.

 A pretty wallpaper is a nice touch in this pantry.

 This vibrantly painted pantry is a cheery way to store kitchen goods.

 I love this potting room.  I wonder if the boxed hold seeds.

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  1. Boxing Day in Australia has become the biggest sporting day of the year. The international yacht races start, the international cricket test starts, the lead up tournaments to the Australian Tennis Open get every European and North American used to the blazing hot weather etc etc.

    However I agree with you that some time should be set aside for organising. My study floor is covered with every journal article, lecture note, photo and painting that I used throughout 2012. Not chaotic because they are piled in subject order, but in desperate need of a good storage system.