Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Decorating with Bulbs

 Every fall I place a large bulb order with the wholesale company Van Bourgondien.
They have great products at a great price... unfortunately they are not paying me to say good things about them....I just think they are a great resource and I continue to be very happy ordering from them.  I usually end up buying more than I can handle...and then it becomes a bit of a chore to find a pot and a spot in which to put all the bulbs.  This year I bought some moss at a local nursery to help the decorations look a little more professional.  The owner of the nursery let me in on a little secret.  The moss can actually be dug up from your yard.  Because it's so damp here in Connecticut, many people will have this type of moss growing under trees in their yards.  I haven't looked around yet, but I'm pretty sure that I do indeed have some of this lovely stuff growing in my yard.  Next year I'll know better!

 Vibeke Design

Vibeke Design

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