Monday, November 5, 2012

Welcome In! Eight Great Entry Porches

Ferguson Shamamian 

There are so many great ways to make an entry porch.  Here is a small sampling of some different approaches.

I love the beautiful recessed entrance above.  The ornate trim, leaded glass, ivy and potted plants make a lovely composition.

 This filled in porch has a steel door, giving the entry modern sensibility.

 This porch roof is supported on brackets.  The overhang is not very deep, but it's quite pretty. I love the broken pediment detail and the unusual transom.  I also love the scale of the double doors.

 Here a trellis takes the place of columns for a casual look. Nice color and paving as well.

 This is a simple classical pedimented porch.  You see variations of this kind of porch everwhere.  This one is a bit unusual because it's attached to a larger porch.

 I love this mudroom porch with simple brackets, stone base, wood shingles and copper detailing.

Chestnut Street Salem, MA

 I like this Greek Revival porch.  The combination of square and turned columns makes it a little unusual.
Love this English porch.  Such a small roof with small brackets, So simple!!!  Also love the door color and the flowers.


  1. A beautiful first impression! All those are gorgeous and unique. The last one is really charming. Hope you are doing well, Jennifer ~

  2. I like the third one. The brackets and unusual transom gives it a classy look, made even more so by the wooden double doors.

    Angelina Garcia

  3. The one with the trellis looks good. The choice of color is nice, and it will only get better as it gets weathered. The lamp on top of the door adds to the classic look of it.

    Keaton Oakes

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  5. There’s something about that last door and window that says “welcome home”. I guess it’s the simplicity of it all, yet it still manages to look classy. The small roof and brackets were a nice touch, and that small white lamp as well.

    Terry Arnold @ Integrity Alaska

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