Friday, November 2, 2012

Lebbeus Woods: In Memoriam

DMZ 1988

This is a little bit of a divergence from the things I normally post/write about.  However I read of Lebbeus Wood's passing yesterday in Architect Magazine  and wanted to share.  It was a bit of a blast from the past for me...and I just couldn't help thinking we just lost a very important and influential person in the world of architecture.
His deconstructionist drawings
influenced a whole generation of  architectural students.  I learned about his work from my architecture professors in the 1980's and hadn't heard his name in a long time, but realized as I read the article above, that he had a large body of work, and that he continued to examine the connection of architecture and war through his drawings, sculpture, and buildings throughout his career.
Conflict Space 3, 2006

Einstein Tomb, 1980

Einstein Tomb, 1980

I believe this project, Einstein Tomb,was my first introduction to Lebbeus Woods and his drawings.    His projects were not always easy to look at or to understand.  His work was very intellectual and depicted conflict rather than harmony.  But I think that much of modern architecture  today has it's roots in his work.

Havana 1994

Havana 1994

Lower Manhattan 1999

Nine Reconstructed Boxes

SCAB Building

San Francisco Bay Project 1995

The Hermitage Rotterdam

The Light Pavilion
Lebbeus Woods

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