Saturday, May 19, 2012

St. Andrews, Scotland

We went to St. Andrews to look at the university not to golf.  Although there were a few hearty souls out on the links even in the freezing, blowing rain. It rained continuously the whole time we were there.  I guess if my son likes it in the rain, he will like it even better when the sun is shining.  Which the locals assured us was much more frequent then other parts of Scotland.  Anyway, it was beautiful there...even if it was dreich the whole time we were there.  We learned this new word, dreich, meaning  miserable, cold, and wet, and that it was. 

The photos above are of the medieval cathedral ruins...located on a hilltop overlooking the ocean.

These are some of the beautiful and ancient university buildings.  Having spent time around the collegiate Gothic buildings at Yale University, I was a bit in awe of this place with it's actual Gothic buildings.

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  1. Dreich - a new word to me, but not to my partner who is Scottish. I have few memories of St Andrews itself a visit (twenty years ago) but I do remember the weather being perfect - as it has been, except for one dramatic and atmospherical wet day on Skye, each time we have been there.

    Living in the South as I do I rather miss those metallically grey rainy days and can get very nostalgic during the rare times it's like that in Atlanta.