Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Powdery Pink, Guest Post by Joanna from Arcadian Lighting

Hello, Joanna here! I’m excited to be guest posting on The Designer’s Muse today. I write for Arcadian Lighting, an excellent source of lighting fixtures for every room of the house. I adore pink decor, so I pulled together some of my favorite powdery pink rooms to share with you. Hope you enjoy!

Interior Design Living Room Home Decor
The most subtle of pinks covers the walls and ceiling of this traditional living room while the most of the furnishings are covered in a rich chocolate hue.

Interior Design Living Room Home Decor
This lovely pink room features a formal ceiling treatment. The wooden floors and muted palette add a more casual touch to the space.

A beach cottage is awash in powdery pink. The yellow sofa and floral chairs give the space a summery feel.

Interior Design Living Room Home Decor Pink
This gorgeous dining room boasts an eclectic mix of furniture, fixtures and accessories. The city wall artwork is especially intriguing.

Interior Design Office Space Home Decor Pink
A clever office is set up in a pink painted closet. The color is pulled through into the room by a throw pillow and the window treatments. Several light fixtures provide plenty of task lighting.

Interior Design Dining Room Pink Home Decor
The pink in this space is introduced at the windows and on the flooring—both give the room a soft whispery glow. I love the minimalist furnishings paired with the ornate fireplace surround and ceiling treatment.

Interior Design Bathroom Home Decor
What’s not to love about this beautiful bathroom? From the soft pink walls to the marble counter top to the Venetian mirror all its elements are quite luxurious.

Interior Design Home Decor Sitting Room
This glamorous dining room gets its touch of pink from the walls and upholstered traditional chairs.  The space includes many ornate accessories like the  glamorous chandelier and vases. Images  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Powdery Pink Palettes allow you to use pink in almost any space without it becoming overpowering. Which powdery pink room is your favorite? Comment below and make sure to check out all of our amazing chandeliers at Arcadian Lighting.


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  2. I think over sized items in interior decor look great such as the large chandeliers and long light coloured curtains. I also like the big floor lamps available at www.fortunyshop.com

  3. Hi Holly, thanks for commenting. Which is the Fortuny floor lamp?

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    These are the floor lamps, http://www.fortunyshop.com/products/Fortuny-%C2%AE-Studio-72-Tripod-Floor-Lamp-Gold.html
    What do you think?

  5. The description is spot on. It’s nice that some of them were a fainter shade of pink. It also looks great as an addition to a loft or room with a darker shade as furnishings or curtains. Plus, the color pink can be quite relaxing, so it would be a good color for the living room.

    Herb Koguchi @ Kroll Construction

  6. I love this house. I never expected that pink could be a nice house color. Since it's light-colored, the house looks illuminated and spacious. And with all your fantastic windows that allow sunlight to come in, I'm sure you'll have an energy-efficient house too!


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