Friday, September 21, 2012

Aga Love

Susan Tulley

I've always wanted to design a kitchen, or maybe a whole house around an Aga stove.  It would be a little country cottage in Scotland or Ireland, a place where there is a bit of chill in the air all year long, and of course, a view of the sea. The kitchen would be the "main" room of the house, the place where you cook, eat, read, relax, socialize.  And the Aga would keep it cozy and warm.

They come in lots of amazing colors, the lavender is pretty tempting, but I think I'll take the cream colored Aga and pair it with some grey-blue cabinets, like the kitchen above.  Which one would you want?


  1. The Aga is an essential element of kitchenware for Brits and the rest of the old British Empire. It was important for connecting oneself to traditional and historical values, but also because it works so well.

    Alas lots of my generation won't even remember the old Aga.

  2. Definitely the cream, but I love them all - so charming and like a work of art - happy Sunday!

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