Sunday, March 24, 2013

Draping your outdoor rooms

One of my clients asked me to help them figure out how to shade their pergola.  They were having trouble with the low western sun that gets in your eyes in the afternoon and early evening hours.  Walpole Woodworkers makes a sun shade that drapes over the top of the pergola; but that wouldn't really solve the problem.  Because the sun is most bothersome when it's low.  They were even thinking about some kind of screening system.  I went online to look at it..UGLY!  So I got busy looking through my image files to see if drapes would be a good solution.  I found many great images of drapes being used on porches, and some on pergolas.  These are the nicest ones I came across.  The drapery helps to make a porch or pergola feel more like an outdoor living room.  It's an elegant solution to my client's sun problem. 

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