Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow Day Inspiration

The snowy day and delayed school opening inspired me to take my dog on her daily romp to the local historic cemetery. I brought along my camera hoping to capture a little of that magic of day break after a snow fall. In keeping with my thoughts lately about winter gardens, I thought it would be fun to look at the cemetery as an urban garden.

Some cemeteries of this era were designed to function like urban parks or gardens, and were inspired by European landscape design.  I really like the combination of built and natural forms.  The overall effect is made nicer by the fresh snow.  I really love the architectural quality of the older monuments.

There is a timelessness about Classical details and mouldings used on these monuments. I am using the same profiles, albeit usually in wood, that were used 150 years ago on these monuments.  I love how this obelisk has a little pediment or roof shape on top and then an urn above that.

I also like the way the combination of monuments feels like a little city.

This particular cemetery has fenced in "yards" around the more elaborate monuments for different families.  The spaces are deliniated with fencing made of stone posts and iron railings.  I think this adds to the urban feeling.

There are no "yards" around the simple markers.  Much like in a city, there are sections for the weathy, and sections for the not so wealthy.

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