Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday House Tour

Our house was recently part of a Holiday House Tour as a fundraiser for a local church.  Our interiors are inspired by the colors in our artwork, mostly watercolor paintings done by my mother Adele Huestis.  The holiday decoratations are in turn inspired by the colors of the rooms.  With the assistance of my friend, Events Planner Fran Morrow, I decorated the house with lots of fresh greens, and family ornaments, and a few borrowed items. 

Our Entry hall is extremely small, but gets lots of sunlight.  We have made it into a mini conservatory, where we store all of our geraniums for the winter.  We also love to force bulbs for the winter.

My friend Jeanne Ciravolo did the oil painting above the mantel.  She is an incredibly talented portrait artist.  You can see more of her paintings on her website

Here is an upclose shot of one of my mom's paintings. I love having her paintings in my home.  I wish she had a website, but alas she does not.  If you want to inquire about her work, you can contact me.

This room was recenlty painted using Ben Moore's Pale Smoke.  I am so pleased with the color. This room faces north and doesn't get much daylight compared to some of our other rooms.  So this gray blue really had to hold it's own, and I think it does.

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