Friday, June 8, 2012

Pools to Dive For

What's better than relaxing by the pool on a beautiful summer day?  I love the idea of doing that...although honestly I can't remember the last time I did.  Oh well, one can dream!   Each one is prettier than the last.  Which would you choose?

 Elle Decor 
Looks like a great place to entertain.

 John Stedila Elle Decor
 Love the pool anchoring one side of the pool.

Clean, simple, modern.   

Elle Decor
 I love the simple bluestone coping.  This look has become very popular. It is a beautiful look, but  I wonder how practical it is.

Ok, this one is my's so romantic..with the stone coping, stone urns, and a castle in the background.  Love it!!

 Ryan Seacrest, Architectural Digest.
Great look....great view.

Ralph Lauren
Such a classic with the pretty pool house in the background.

 Aerin Lauder Elle Decor
This is styled so beautifully with hydrangeas and palms in large pots.

 Charming and unpretentious

 Ellen Pompeo Elle Decor
Love the Cyprus trees forming a wall in the background.


 Elle Decor
Perfect country house feel.

 Douglas Friedman

 Love the room created by the hedge.  The black color of the pool makes it feel like an ancient decorative pool rather than a swimming pool.  What a great idea.

Alexander Gorlin
 Great pool sited next to an architectural "ruin"

 Leonardo Ferragamo Elle Decor

 Nantucket Architectural Digest
 Amazing view!! Beautiful wild Nantucket.

 Such a charming pool house and a diminutive pool.  So pretty.


  1. I love infinity pools, but all of these a simple stunning. I always love a poorhouse, but there is something about the pool surrounded by hedges. This really makes me want a pool.
    Happy Friday, Jennifer.

  2. *** How F*U*N to find your greaaat blog just now!!!

    I reeeally like Phoebe's "summer haven" here, as well as SOOO many others, for so many various reasons of course... PERSONALLY tho, the SECOND PIC (Elle) reeeeeeally "floats my boat", & it's more like what I grew up around (So Cal) so it just "FEEEELS" right...

    Our home's pool here in the desert, n' beauuutiful views of the entire outdoor areas from practically every space "MAKE" this stone & glass house so wonderful... the city lights below, at night, make us feel worlds away from anything "negative". Life is GOOD! So glad you shared these inspiring pools/spaces!

    Many thanks!
    Linda in AZ *

  3. All gorgeous pools, and amazing settings! I wish we had one this weekend. It is hot here in DC. Lovely photos, Jennifer. Thank you for posting. Have a great weekend.